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National K–12 Foreign Language Resource Center and CAL: Prior Collaborations

Distance Learning Research Study

Purpose: The goal of this project was to investigate the benefits and drawbacks of using distance learning technology to teach languages to young children.

Overview: The six major video-based distance learning programs currently in use in U.S. elementary schools were examined in detail. The research questions for this study were the following: (1) What are the characteristics of the six distance learning language programs for children and how are the programs being implemented? (2) What are the goals of the programs? (3) Are they successful in achieving their goals? (4) Are any or all of the programs viable in providing quality instruction as outlined in the national standards?

The data was gathered and analyzed through a variety of means, resulting in the publication of Language by Video, a book describing the overall benefits of video-based instruction and the pro's and con's of the specific language programs.

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