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National K–12 Foreign Language Resource Center and CAL: Prior Collaborations

Early Language Learning Oral Proficiency Assessment

Purpose: The goal of this project was to develop, field-test, and validate an oral assessment instrument for use in the earliest stages of language learning in elementary school foreign language programs.

Overview: During the SOPA validation project, it became clear that the SOPA was most discriminating when administered to students who had completed at least two years of foreign language study. In order to capture the more subtle progress of students in the earlier stages of language learning, a different interview procedure and rating scale needed to be developed. Accordingly, efforts were undertaken to develop the Early Language Learning Oral Proficiency Assessment (ELLOPA) and a companion student self-assessment.

Learn more about the ELLOPA.

Contact People:

Lynn Thompson
Project Coordinator, Assessment Initiative

Nancy Rhodes
Associate Director, Foreign Language Education and Testing

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