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This resource guide provides a number of foreign language assessment resources:


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National K–12 Foreign Language Resource Center and CAL: Prior Collaborations

Directory of K–12 Foreign Language Assessment Instruments and Resources

Purpose: The goal of this project is to provide detailed information about assessment resources for foreign language educators of students in grades K–12.

Overview: Since 1996, CAL has collected and published two annotated bibliographies of assessment instruments and resources primarily for grades K–8. In December of 1999, the first on-line assessment resource guide for grades 9-12, was created. Like its predecessors, the 1999 resource contained detailed descriptions of instruments currently in use as well as internet and published resources on assessment. The active nature of this latest resource, however, allowed CAL to offer a searchable database. In addition, descriptions of new assessment instruments or resources could be added on a continuous basis. Starting in 2000, the database has included updated descriptions of assessment instruments listed in the 1997 bibliography (see below) and additional descriptions of assessments used with students in grades K–12. If you have an assessment instrument or resource that you would like to share with other foreign language educators, please contact CAL.

This resource guide provides you with a number of assessment resources:

The National K–12 Foreign Language Resource Center and CAL have chosen to publish this guide on the web so that new publications, Internet resources, and assessment instrument descriptions can be added on a continuous basis. If you are interested in contributing or suggesting materials for the guide, please contact us.

This unique format of the guide also allows you to search the database for descriptions of assessments that match your needs.

After you browse through our guide, please let us know if you have any suggestions for making it more helpful.

Additional Resources

Foreign Language Assessment Directory
The FLAD is a free, searchable directory of information on nearly 200 tests in over 90 languages. Two of CAL’s existing test directories, the Foreign Language Assessment Database for Grades K-12 and Foreign Language Test Database, have been combined and updated into one comprehensive, easily accessible resource.

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