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Program Schedule: Survey Results

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From the Chairs:

Our theme this year is "Learning, Transparency, Responsibility and Collaboration.” We are working to incorporate this theme throughout all aspects of the conference, from planning to implementation. Therefore, as you may recall, we asked ILTA members and LTRC participants to respond to a survey to help us plan LTRC 2009.

In the survey, you told us about your preferences regarding LTRC 2009 programming, including your thoughts about costs, banquet sites and extracurricular activities. We wanted to hear from you so that LTRC 2009 meets your needs. We appreciate the time so many of you took to respond, and found your responses thoughtful, helpful and often hilarious. Most importantly, we will not only use your responses to plan LTRC, 2009 but also to inform ILTA’s Executive Board and future LTRC chairs about the field’s feedback on LTRC.

Both of us read each survey response multiple times. Our colleague, Meg Montee, has compiled and summarized the many pages of responses.

Download a document with selected survey results.  (345 KB, PDF)

See you in Denver!

Sara Weigle
Meg Malone
LTRC Co-Chairs

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