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ILTA Student Travel Award

Deadline: Jan 19, 2009

The ILTA Student Travel Award is to provide partial travel funding for students whose papers have been accepted at LTRC to attend the conference. This highly competitive award is give to two presentations.

Each award carries an honorarium of US $750 to be used towards travel expenses. If a paper has more than one student co-author, the $750 will be shared. In addition, each awardee will receive a free one-year membership to ILTA. They will also receive a waiver of conference registration fees. All awardees will receive official recognition in the LTRC Conference Program.

Graduate students may apply for this award if their LTRC 2009 proposal was accepted. The proposal should be for a research paper or symposium paper; applications for poster or work-in-progress proposals will not be considered. The student must be listed as an author, but need not be the sole or first author. For co-authored papers, co-authors should be other students rather than supervisors, professors or other senior colleagues.

Graduate students are eligible for consideration if they:

  1. were enrolled in a degree bearing program at the time of proposal submission
  2. are not receiving other financial support that covers a significant portion of the expenses to attend LTRC
  3. do not study or live in the LTRC host site (e.g. students from Denver, Colorado would not be eligible in 2009)
  4. have not won the ILTA Student Travel Award before.
To be considered for the award applicants must send a 1-page (one-sided) letter in electronic format containing the following information:
  1. statement requesting consideration for the travel award
  2. the proposal title of the paper
  3. a statement of financial need
  4. an assurance that the student is enrolled in a doctoral program
  5. the name and contact information of the student's advisor (his or her e-mail address).
Send the letter as an attachment to Glenn Fulcher at The subject line should read: ILTA Student Travel Award.

The decisions will be made by January 30, 2009.


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