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Visit the CAL-WIDA website to learn more.

Read an article by Dr. Dorry Kenyon about the history of the CAL/WIDA Partnership.

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Funder: University of Wisconsin, WIDA

July 2003 and ongoing

CAL collaborates with the 31-state WIDA Consortium in its work to provide standards-based assessments for English language learners, most prominently on the Consortium’s assessment of English language proficiency, ACCESS for ELLs®. CAL’s work is divided into three main areas:

  • Developing new test items, field-testing the new items, and using them to refresh ACCESS for ELLs ® every year. The test is currently taken by over 1,000,000 students annually.
  • Conducting research on the assessment, exploring new initiatives for revising aspects of the testing system, and improving the delivery of test administration training.
  • Providing technical and psychometric expertise to the Consortium, such as performing annual equating of test forms, analyzing field test data, producing an annual technical report for ACCESS, and carrying out special technical studies, such as bridge studies for new member states.

Visit the CAL-WIDA Collaborative Activities website to learn more.

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