Implementing Educational Language Policy in Arizona: Legal, Historical and Current Practices in SEI

M. Beatriz Arias and Christian Faltis

Published by Multilingual Matters


In this volume, scholars and researchers present their latest findings and concerns regarding the impact of Arizona’s restrictive language policy on critical areas for English learners and diverse students, with an emphasis on how the policy influences teacher preparation and classroom practice. The publication focuses on the decade-long implementation of Structured English Immersion (SEI) in Arizona, which mandates that English be the primary language of instruction with English learners. The book provides a unique contribution to the study of language policy and education for English language learners. With solid evidence carefully linked to theory, the contributors address a wide range of issues with recommendations for approaches that promote expansive language education policies that build on the home languages of all students.

The publication includes a foreword by CAL President Terrence Wiley and a chapter by CAL staff member Sarah Catherine K. Moore (“SEI as Policy Into Practice”).

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Policymakers, educational administrators, teachers, parents, voters, legislators, judges, lawyers, and anyone concerned about the education of bilingual students should read this book to understand the negative impact of restrictive language policies and learn more about how we can craft language policies that support all learners. 2012

Bilingual Education and Bilingualism Series Editors: Nancy H. Hornberger, University of Pennsylvania, USA and Colin Baker, Bangor University, Wales, UK

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