Redesigning English-Medium Classrooms: Using Research to Enhance English Learner Achievement

David P. Dolson & Lauri Burnham-Massey, Editors

Published by California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE)


This book describes practical applications of the research reviewed in the publication, Improving Education for English Learners: Research-Based Approaches, published by the California Department of Education. It includes descriptions of program models, delivery of standards-based instructional services, approaches to enhancing core learning components (e.g., cooperative learning and global learning networks, and augmented/extended instruction). Contributors include CAL Board of Trustees members Reynaldo MacĂ­as and Fred Genesee and staff member Diane August.

Although specific examples are based on K-12 schools in California, applications can be made to other states and instructional contexts. This publication is intended to serve as a guide to teachers and school leaders to share possible answers to questions surrounding the education of English learners in K-12 schools. The suggestions contained in this publication are designed to prompt thinking about how best to address the instructional and linguistics needs of English learners that will ultimately lead to student success in the classroom and beyond. 2011

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