CAL Commentary

CAL is developing a series of free downloadable deliverables designed to connect research to practice around key topics related language and culture.

The March for our Lives: Bringing Power and Authenticity to the Language and Literacy Standards
Annie Laurie Duguay
June 2018

This document highlights how student activities connected to the recent March for Our Lives events provide real-world examples of collaboration, argumentation and other skills that demonstrate that they are not only college and career ready, but community driven.


Interrogating the "Language Gap"
M. Beatriz Arias, PhD
March 2018

This document highlights the work of Professor Jonathan Rosa at Stanford University, who provides a sociolinguistic critique on the terminology used to define emergent bilinguals and introduces a raciolinguistic framework as a way to interrogate the language gap and other deficit perspectives. Dr. Rosa is this year’s recipient of CAL’s Charles A. Ferguson Award for Outstanding Scholarship. 

How Can the U.S. Overcome its Linguistic Deficit? The Findings of Two National Reports on Language Learners
M. Beatriz Arias, PhD
February 2018

This document highlights information from two recent research reports from two highly-regarded organizations – the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences, outlining the benefits of bilingualism in an easy-to-read format and delineating next steps for educators working with language learners.