CAL EPT Teachers - Information for Test Takers


The CAL English Proficiency Test (EPT) for Teachers is a suite of two tests (Speaking and Listening; Reading and Writing) designed to measure the English proficiency of teachers of English in order to provide diagnostic information that can support teachers in their further professional development. 

The CAL EPT for Teachers: Speaking and Listening is a computer-adaptive, face-to-face, one-on-one oral interview between a trained test administrator and an examinee. 

  • Questions on the test draw from content common to adult English language learners’ experiences.
  • The examinee is asked a series of questions and the administrator rates the examinee’s performance on each question during the test.
  • These ratings include an assessment of the examinee’s listening comprehension, language complexity, and communication.
  • The computer algorithm underlying the test then uses the ratings to select questions at appropriate proficiency levels for the examinee.
  • Each testing situation is unique, but testing lasts, on average, about 15 minutes per examinee. 

The CAL EPT for Teachers: Reading and Writing is a paper-based, individual or group administered test using one unified booklet. 

  • The content for both the reading and writing sections centers around topics and situations that English teachers encounter in their professional lives.
  • In the reading sections, examinees read passages and demonstrate their comprehension of the written English language by choosing the best answer from various options.
  • In the writing sections, examinees read and respond to prompts, writing their responses in the test booklet.
  • The test is designed to take 90 minutes total, with additional time allocated for registration and instructions. 

Performances on the assessment may be interpreted in terms of the proficiency levels defined by the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) (Council of Europe, 2011). They can also be interpreted in terms of the levels of the Certificación Nacional de Nivel de Idioma (CENNI) (Secretaría de Educación Pública, Mexico). The assessment focuses on CEFR levels A1 – B2 (CENNI levels Inicial – Intermedio Superior; sublevels 2-13), as B2 is often a minimum level recommended for teachers of English. A score of "Above B2" may also be obtained. The aim of the test is to provide teachers with the information they need to take the next step in their language learning and professional growth. 

The CAL EPT for Teachers: Speaking and Listening is scored live by administrators trained by CAL. Score reports are generated by CAL after the testing administration has ended and are only reported after CAL has verified the data. The CAL EPT for Teachers: Reading and Writing is scored by CAL certified raters. 

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