Computerized Oral Proficiency Instrument (COPI)

Computer-based, semi-adaptive test of Arabic or Spanish oral proficiency


The Computerized Oral Proficiency Instrument (COPI) is a computer-based, semi-adaptive test of Modern Standard Arabic or Spanish oral proficiency intended for use with native-English-speaking students in later years of high school, college students, and professionals. It provides language educators with a computerized, time-efficient assessment of their students’ oral language proficiency in Arabic or Spanish.

The COPI's computerized delivery uses up-to-date technology, and its semi-adaptive design allows for efficient testing. Performance on the COPI is rated according to the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines – Speaking (Revised 1999). The ACTFL Guidelines characterize a language learner’s stage of proficiency and have been widely used by professionals from elementary through graduate education, as well as by government and industry language specialists.

The COPI includes the following components:

  1. The COPI Test Administration Program, which is used to administer the test.
  2. The COPI Rater Training Module, which teaches users how to use the Test Administration Program and to rate examinees’ performance on the COPI
  3. The COPI Rating Module, which is used to rate examinees’ responses on the COPI
  4. The COPI Test Administration Manual, which provides details on administering and rating the COPI.

The COPI has been designed for use with the Multimedia Rater Training Program (MRTP). The COPI Rater Training Module, combined with the appropriate MRTP, will provide training for language professionals to learn to rate the COPI.

Note: The COPI/MRTP is designed for use with a Windows operating system only.

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