Journal of Language, Identity, and Education

Editors: Thomas Ricento, University of Calgary and Terrence G. Wiley, President & CEO, Center for Applied Linguistics and Professor Emeritus, Arizona State University

Published by Routledge


The Journal of Language, Identity, and Education (JLIE) is an international forum for interdisciplinary research that is grounded in theory and of interest to scholars and policymakers. Education plays a central role in promoting social development, stability, integration, and equity in a linguistically and culturally diverse world. Policy decisions in educational settings today often require an understanding of the relations between home language/variety and school language/variety, relations of language, ethnicity, and gender identity construction, societal attitudes toward languages/varieties, and differential performance across groups.

JLIE seeks cutting edge interdisciplinary research from around the world, reflecting diverse theoretical and methodological frameworks and topical areas and solicits articles that deal with the following topics:

  • Educational policies and approaches that explicitly address various dimensions of diversity and linguistic rights in educational contexts;
  • The formation and consequences of identities in educational and other social contexts;
  • Language policies and linguistic rights in educational context;
  • The role of indigenous languages/varieties in education;
  • Critical studies of literacy policies, national literacy and biliteracy demographics, the socio-economic and political significance of literacy, and societal expectations regarding literacy;
  • Research on the relationship between home/local linguistic and cultural socialization and schooling;
  • Critical and comparative analyses of official and legal frameworks for educational policies and practices in diverse settings;
  • Critical studies of school and community attitudes and expectations about schooling;
  • Critical studies about bias in schooling practices;
  • Research on educational practices that promote educational equity for diverse student populations;
  • The role of ideologies in educational language and cultural policies; and
  • Group-specific studies on special needs/issues and on effective policies and practices.

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