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Volume 20, No. 2 March 1997

Families, Education, and Technology Conference

The Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) and the National Parent Information Network (NPIN) present the Families, Education, and Technology Conference to be held October 30-November 1, 1997 at the Wyndham Hotel, Itasca, Illinois. The conference will provide opportunities to reflect on the nature of current and emerging technologies and on the ways they affect family life and the education of children. The impact of the Internet, new telephone technologies, television, and other media will be the focus of discussion.

Presenters will include technology experts, policymakers, program planners, educators, parents, and parenting professionals.

The conference is intended to address the needs of many types of professionals who work with families, including family support personnel, educators, corporate executives, media specialists, librarians, health care specialists, publishers, and information systems developers.

The conference will provide attendees with an increased awareness of the technologies available to children, families, and communities; increased awareness of how to use technologies to serve their communities; and opportunities to interact with leaders, colleagues, and parents in order to better understand the impact of technology on family culture and children's education.

See for more information or contact Anne Robertson at 800-583-4135 or to be added to the conference mailing list.

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