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Volume 20, No. 2 March 1997

New Free Products

ERIC Digests

  • African Languages at the K–12 Level
  • Grammar and Its Teaching: Challenging the Myths
  • Language Minority Students in School Reform: The Role of Collaboration
  • Proficiency Plus: The Next Step
  • Promoting Secondary School Transitions for Immigrant Adolescents
  • Teaching Foreign Languages to At-Risk Learners


  • African-American Students and Foreign Language Study
  • Official English
  • Oral Proficiency Testing

ERIC Digests are one-sheet (front and back) reports that highlight a topic of current interest in the field of language education.
ERIC Minibibs are one-sheet annotated bibliographies that include approximately 12 citations of recent journal articles and documents in the ERIC database.

A complete list of ERIC Digests and Minibibs is available on request.

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