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Volume 21, No. 1 September 1997

Ready-Made Searches

A Ready-Made Search is a bibliography of approximately 100 ERIC documents on a given topic. Each bibliographic citation includes an abstract or annotation and key word descriptors. These searches of the ERIC database are updated twice a year, in February and August. Ready-Made Searches are available for $10.00 each. Pre-payment is required. Please make checks payable to ERIC/CLL. All sales are final.

  • Child Language Development: Vocabulary (691)
  • Combining Second Languages with Business Education (916)
  • Communication-Oriented Language Teaching (413)
  • Content-Based Language Instruction (420)
  • Defense Language Institute Teaching Materials (391)*
  • English for Academic Purposes (920)
  • English Only/English Plus (675)
  • ESL and Special Education (525)
  • ESL in Elementary Education (393)
  • FLES Programs and Materials (453)
  • Foreign Language Immersion Programs (910)
  • Foreign Language Skills and the Job Market (427)
  • Foreign Language Teacher Education (250)
  • Foreign Service Institute Language Teaching Materials (390)*
  • Oral Proficiency Testing (917)
  • Parent Involvement in Bilingual Education (102)
  • Peace Corps Language Teaching Materials (392)*
  • Second Language Reading (200)
  • Second Language Testing (338)
  • Teacher Training in ESL (799)
  • Teaching & Testing Listening Comprehension in ESL (766)
  • Teaching ESL Abroad: Methodologies (633)
  • Teaching Listening Comprehension in Foreign Languages (192)
  • Teaching Second Languages to Adults (806)
  • Teaching Second Languages with Computers (915)
  • Testing Communicative Competence (412)
  • TV and Videotapes in Second Language Learning (449)
  • Using Songs to Teach Second Languages (912)
  • Vocabulary & Second Language Learning (886)

* For the study of the less commonly taught languages

Profiles in Two-Way Immersion Education

Donna Christian, Christopher L. Montone,
Kathryn J. Lindholm, & Isolda Carranza.

The most recent addition to ERIC/CLL's Language in Education: Theory and Practice series profiles two-way immersion programs in three schools that are implementing different variations of the model. Available from Delta Systems, Inc., 1400 Miller Pkwy., McHenry, IL 60050; 800-323-8270. $15.95

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