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Volume 21, No. 2 Spring/Summer 1998


Practioner Collaboration to Improve the Education of English Language Learners in Secondary School

CAL has been awarded a one-year professional develpment grant from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation to work with high school teachers and administrators. The grant will focus on the integration of language and content instruction, with a concentration on science and mathematics. The purpose of the grant is to improve teaching skills of high school educators in schools with large numbers of English language learners (ELLs).

School-based teams have been selected to participate from five high school districts that are heavily affected by increasing numbers of ELLs. Located in Broward County, Florida; Los Angeles, California; New York City; San Antonio, Texas; and Washington, DC, the schools have organized three-person teams: an ESL teacher; a content area teacher in math, science, or history; and a school administrator. The project will serve as a national model, which is expected to be implemented at other high schools across the country.

The Project Director is Joy Kreeft Peyton, and the Project Coordinator is Betty Ansin Smallwood.

For more information, visit the project Web site, or contact Betty Ansin Smallwood at the Centor for Applied Linguistics, 4646 40th Street NW, Washington, DC 20016; 202-362-0700, ext. 240

English Digest

English Digest is a new, high-interest, easy-reading, bimonthly magazine for adult English language learners. Stories feature famous immigrants, health and beauty tips, national news, and job and consumer information. Annual subscriptions are $6.95 for 6 issues (with discounts for multiple subscriptions). Teachers Tips, included with orders (now available on the Web), is written by staff of the Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL) and has teaching suggestions for each issue of English Digest. A Spanish version, La Familia de la Ciudad, is also available. To order the magazines, call Delta Systems, Co., Inc. at (800)323-8270, or visit their Web site.

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