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Volume 22, No. 1 Fall/Winter 1998

Two New ERIC/CLL Books
Now Available from Delta Systems, Inc.

The American Bilingual Tradition
by Heinz Kloss
ISBN:1-887744-02-9; $22.95

This second edition offers a valuable scholarly contribution to the current debate over language diversity and bilingualism in the United States. Written by an eminent European language historian, it challenges widespread myths about alleged differences between recent immigrants to the United States and those of past generations.

Through the Golden Door:
Educational Approaches for Immigrant Adolescents with Limited Schooling
by Betty Mace-Matluck, Rosalind Alexander-Kasparik, and Robin M. Queen
ISBN: 1-887744-07-X; $20.95

This book provides guidelines for school administrators and teachers working with immigrant students with little or limited prior schooling.

To order:

Delta Systems, Inc.
1400 Miller Pkwy
McHenry, IL60050-7030

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