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Volume 22, No. 2 Spring/Summer 1999

Ready-Made Searches

A Ready-Made Search is a bibliography of approximately 100 ERIC documents on a given topic. Each bibliographic citation includes an abstract or annotation and key word descriptors. These searches of the ERIC database are updated twice a year, in February and August. Ready-Made Searches are available for $10.00 each. Pre-payment is required. Please make checks payable to ERIC/CLL. All sales are final.

Combining Second Languages With Business Education (916)
Communication-Oriented Language Teaching (413)
Content-Based Language Instruction (420)
English for Academic Purposes (920)
English Only/English Plus (675)
ESL in Elementary Education (393)
FLES Programs and Materials (453)
Foreign Language Immersion Programs (910)
Foreign Language Skills and the Job Market (427)
Oral Proficiency Testing (917)
Second Language Reading (200)
Second Language Testing (338)
Teacher Training in ESL (799)
Teaching & Testing Listening Comprehension in ESL (766)
Teaching ESL Abroad: Methodologies (633)
Teaching Listening Comprehension in Foreign Languages (192)
Teaching Second Languages to Adults (806)
Teaching Second Languages With Computers (915)
Testing Communicative Competence (412)
TV and Videotapes in Second Language Learning (449)
Using Songs to Teach Second Languages (912)
Vocabulary & Second Language Learning (886)

Free Products

ERIC Digests

American Sign Language as a Foreign Language
In Their Own Words: Two-Way Immersion Teachers Talk About Their Professional Experiences
Languages Across the Curriculum
Meeting the National Standards: Now What Do I Do?
Reading with a Purpose: Communicative Reading Tasks for the Foreign Language Classroom
Spanish for Native Speakers: Developing Dual Language Proficiency
Two or More Languages in Early Childhood: Some General Points and Practical Recommendations


Articulation Among Elementary, Middle School, and High School Foreign Language Programs
Education Reform and Language Minority Students
Foreign Language Skills and Business
Foreign Languages in Middle Schools
Professional Development of Second Language Teachers
SOPIs: Simulated Oral Proficiency Interviews
Using Instructional Conversations with Students Learning English

K­12 Foreign Language Education
The ERIC Review, Volume 6, Issue 1, Fall 1998

Single copy

This issue of The ERIC Review describes the current status of K­12 foreign language education in the United States and highlights the benefits for both individuals and society of knowing more than one language.

Topics covered include current trends and challenges in the field, national standards, student assessment, technology, professional development for teachers, and job opportunities for speakers of more than one language.

Authors include ERIC/CLL staff, researchers at the Center for Applied Linguistics, and other noted experts in the field of foreign language education.

For multiple copies, contact

2277 Research Boulevard
Rockville MD 20850
1-800-LET-ERIC (538-3742)

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