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Volume 26, No. 3 Summer/Fall 2003

News from the Center for Applied Linguistics

New Products

Language by Video: An Overview of Foreign Language Instructional Videos for Children

This book describes five of the most popular video-based language programs used in U.S. elementary schools today. The book evaluates each program’s capacity to provide quality foreign language instruction, provides information about the effectiveness of using videos for language learning, and discusses underlying teaching methods and the pros and cons of each program reviewed. Language by Video will be available from the CALstore in January 2004.

Muslim Refugees in the United States: A Guide for Service Providers

This latest volume in the Cultural Orientation Resources Center's cultural profile series includes an overview of the fundamental tenets of Islam, necessary conditions for successful resettlement, and special considerations when working with Muslim men, women, children, and elderly. A list of resources for both refugees and refugee service providers is also included. The guide will be available from the Cultural Orientation Resource Center Web site this fall.

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