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Spotlight on Language

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Spotlight on Language.

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Resource Corner

Year of Languages Archive

Discover Languages builds on the momentum of 2005: The Year of Languages. You can read CAL’s archived pages from the Year of Languages here. Much of the information and included resource information remains current and relevant. Topics include:

Adult Language Learning & Use

Connecting Languages to Other Areas


Early Language Learning

Heritage Languages

Higher Education

International Engagement

Language Advocacy

Language Policy

Languages and Communities




Online Resources

Building on The Year of Languages
In 2005, CAL supported the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) in celebrating 2005: The Year of Languages, as designated by the 109th Congress in S. Res. 28 and H. Res. 122. CAL’s Year of Languages topic pages continue to be available in our Resource archive.

What is Discover Languages?
Discover Languages is a national campaign, introduced by ACTFL to build on the momentum of 2005: The Year of Languages, "to raise public awareness about the importance of learning languages and understanding cultures in the lives of all Americans" (ACTFL, 2006). ACTFL has identified three cornerstones of this sustained public awareness campaign:

  • Public Awareness, Advocacy, and Policy
    The campaign aims to shape policy in a variety of arenas. It will focus on language education at all levels of instruction, from preK through adult education, and promote public awareness of the importance of language learning at all levels of influence, from the local community to the national level. 

  • Research and Practice
    The campaign calls for research on best practices to enhance language teaching and to identify benefits of language learning.

  • Resources and Collaboration
    The campaign supports collaboration among language professionals in order to promote language education and identify resources for all language professionals.

CAL’s Spotlight on Language Series

In support of the Discover Languages campaign, CAL presents a regular Web series to provide information about specific languages. These language spotlights are introductory in nature and are intended to encourage readers to explore these languages and CAL’s work with them more deeply.  

We will spotlight a new language each quarter. The choice of spotlight languages is based on the linguistic expertise and project work of CAL staff.

Read the current Spotlight on Language.

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