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CAL Digests

The CAL Digest series includes
many papers on language learning, several of which are specifically related to Spanish language learning, such as those listed below. The complete collection of CAL Digests is accessible online. Several print collections are also available.

CAL Digests related to Spanish

Heritage Spanish Speakers' Language Learning Strategies
Zennia Hancock, University of Maryland, College Park
Download PDF Adobe PDF icon | Read online

Impact of Two-Way Immersion on Students' Attitudes Toward School and College
Kathryn J. Lindholm-Leary and Graciela Borsato, San José State University
Download PDF Adobe PDF icon | Read online

Selecting Materials to Teach Spanish to Spanish Speakers
Paula Winke, Center for Applied Linguistics, and Cathy Stafford, Georgetown University
Download PDF Adobe PDF icon | Read online

Spanish for Spanish Speakers: Developing Dual Language Proficiency
Joy Kreeft Peyton, Vickie W. Lewelling, and Paula Winke, ERIC Clearinghouse on Languages and Linguistics
Download PDF Adobe PDF icon | Read online

Spanish for U.S. Hispanic Bilinguals in Higher Education
Ana Roca
Read archive copy online

Spanish-Language Ads and Public Service Announcements in the Foreign Language Classroom
David Ross Gerling, Sam Houston State University
Read online

Two-Way Immersion Programs: Features and Statistics
Elizabeth R. Howard and Julie Sugarman, Center for Applied Linguistics
Download PDF Adobe PDF icon | Read online

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