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Spanish for Native Speakers
(SNS) Resources

SNS BrochureWhy Start and Maintain an SNS Program? is an informational brochure created by CAL in collaboration with the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese to facilitate advocacy efforts. This brochure can be used to advocate for the creation of a Spanish for native speakers program in your school or district or to improve one already in place. The information in this brochure can be useful for school board members, school and district administrators, Spanish teachers, and parents of Spanish-speaking students. 

Download the brochure (PDF, 955KB) or purchase print brochures for a nominal fee from the CAL Store. CAL also offers other informational brochures.

Materials for Spanish for Spanish Speakers Instruction: An Annotated Bibliography lists textbooks and materials for Spanish instruction for Spanish native speakers. The textbooks and materials listed were reviewed by CAL staff as part of the LangNet Annotated Bibliography Project at CAL in 2001. This bibliography is available from CAL’s online archives. Learn more.

CAL has collected and developed many resources related to teaching Spanish for native speakers. Check out CAL’s archived Spanish for Native Speakers Resource Guide, which includes the informative State of the Field: An Overview of SNS Practice in the United States and other materials for Spanish teachers.

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