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National Directory
of Early Foreign Language Programs

How to Use This Directory

This directory includes listings of over 1,400 public and private elementary and middle schools that teach foreign languages to young children. You can easily use this directory by searching in a variety of ways:

You Can Search . . .

  • by school name by typing in the name of the school you're looking for in the School box
  • by state by selecting the two-letter state abbreviation in the State box
  • by grade level by selecting the grades you want
  • by language by selecting the language(s) you want
  • by type of school (public/private) by selecting either one
  • by school district, city, zip code, area code, by typing in your desired name or code
  • by type of program (during school day or after school) by selecting either one
  • by length of program (entire school year or not) by selecting either one
  • by Notes field

To Search the Database . . .

Click on the [search] box on the left-hand side of this page. Select the categories that you want to search. (You may select as many categories as you want. But remember, the more terms you select, the more your final search will be limited.) Then click on the [Find] button on the left-hand side (or bottom) of the page.

For example, if you want to search for all the Japanese 4th grade programs in the country, select Japanese and click on the grade 4 box. Then click on the [Find] button on the left-hand side (or bottom). On the other hand, if you want to review all the programs in the database, click on the [Browse] button on the left side. If your computer is connected to a printer, you will be able to print out the portions of the database that you select.

What You Will Get . . .

You will get a listing of all the schools in the database that fit the criteria you selected. To get detailed information on each program, you'll needed to double-click on each entry, one by one.

To start again, click on the [Clear Form] button on the left-hand side (or on the bottom), and type in your new search strategy.

GRADE LEVEL NOTE: The Grade Level fields deserve special consideration. If you are looking for schools that offer a language throughout elementary school, you must enter all the grades (1 2 3 4 5 6). You will not find what you are looking for if you type 1-6. You might find schools that offer languages in the first and sixth grades, but not in the second through fifth grades.

LANGUAGE NOTE: To choose languages other than those visible on the screen, select the shaded box underneath the listing of languages (right under Korean), and scroll down to review the other languages included. Click on the language you want.