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Welcome to the United States: A Guidebook for Refugees - English Book Cover
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Using the SIOP Model: Professional Development Manual for Sheltered Instruction cover
Using the SIOP Model: Professional Development Manual for Sheltered Instruction, 2nd Edition

This new professional development manual is designed to assist teacher educators, staff developers, and leaders at the school, district, and state levels as they prepare teachers of English language learners to use the Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) Model.
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Featured Publications

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The Center for Applied Linguistics develops a variety of publications related to language education, linguistics, policy, cultural education, and more.

Our publications are described within this section and also cross-referenced under the appropriate topic areas for your convenience. We invite you to browse our complete list of publications. Click on a title below for a brief description. To learn more or to order, visit the CAL Store.

1972 Burundians


A New Day: Refugee Families in the United States (video)

Access and Engagement: Program Design and Instructional Approaches for Immigrant Students in Secondary School

Adolescent Literacy Case: A Video Ethnography of Teaching Second Language Students (CD-Rom)

Adult Biliteracy in the United States

Adult English Language Instruction in the 21st Century

American Bilingual Tradition

American Voices: How Dialects Differ from Coast to Coast

An Unclouded Day: Stories and songs from Southern Appalachia (audio)

Assessing Success in Family Literacy and Adult ESL

Assessment Literacy Case (CD-Rom)


The Banyamulenge Tutsi

Be Who You Are: Refugee Youth in the United States (video)

Becoming Bilingual in the Amigos Two-Way Immersion Program

BEST Literacy Test Manual

Bhutanese Refugees in Nepal

Bilingual Community Education and Multilingualism: Beyond Heritage Languages in a Global City

Bilingual/ESL Programs and Practices Case (video)

The Bilingual Edge: Why, When, and How to Teach Your Child a Second Language

The Bosnians: Their History and Culture

Broadening the Base: School/Community Partnerships Serving Language Minority Students at Risk

Building the Foreign Language Capacity We Need: Toward a Comprehensive Strategy for a National Language Framework


CAL Digest Series

The Carolina Brogue (video)

Chinese as a Heritage Language: Fostering Rooted World Citizenry

Collaborative Practices in Bilingual Cooperative Learning Classrooms

Computerized Oral Proficiency Instrument - Arabic and Spanish

Conflicts in World Culture

Connecting Diverse Cultures: A Video Guide for A New Day and Be Who You Are

Craig Cleveland Case (CD-Rom)

Creating Access: Language and Academic Programs for Secondary School Newcomers

Culture Profiles

Current Refugee Orientation Practices in U.S. Resettlement Agencies


Designing Effective Activity Centers for Diverse Learners: A Guide for Teachers at All Grade Levels

Developing Academic Literacy and Language in the Content Areas

Developing Literacy in Second-Language Learners:
Report of the National Literacy Panel on Language-Minority Children and Youth

Developing Reading and Writing in Second-Language Learners:
Lessons from the Report of the National Literacy Panel on Language-Minority Children and Youth

Development of Bilingualism and Biliteracy From Grade 3 to 5: A Summary of Findings from the CAL/CREDE Study of Two-Way Immersion Education

Dialect Resources: Talking NC

Dialects in Schools and Communities - Second Edition

Dual Language Program Planner: A Guide for Designing and Implementing Dual Language Programs


Early Childhood Literacy Case (CD-Rom)

Ebonics: The Urban Education Debate, 2nd Edition

Educating English Language Learners: A Synthesis of Research Evidence

Educating Hispanic Students: Obstacles and Avenues to Improved Academic Achievement

Education for Adult English Language Learners in the United States

Education of Language Minority Immigrants in the United States

Educational Reform Implementation: A Co-Constructed Process

Educating Learners in Their Home Languages: Establishing and Maintaining Successful Programs

Effects of Instructional Conversations and Literature Logs on the Story Comprehension and Thematic Understanding of English Proficient and Limited English Proficient Students

Engaging Students in Reading Comprehension Using Instructional Conversation (video)

English Language Learners With Special Education Needs: Identification, Assessment, and Instruction

Enhancing English Language Learning in Elementary Classrooms

Enriching Content Classes for Secondary ESOL Students

Expanding Educational Opportunity in Linguistically Diverse Societies


Fine in the World: Lumbee Language in Time and Place

The Five-Minute Linguist: Bite-Sized Essays on Language and Languages

Five Standards for Effective Pedagogy (CD-ROM Series)

Forbidden Language: English Learners and Restrictive Language Policies

Foreign Language Instruction in the United States: A National Survey of Elementary and Secondary Schools

Foreign Language Teaching in U.S. Schools: Results of a National Survey

Foreign Language Teaching: What the United States Can Learn from Other Countries

Foundations of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, 5th Edition

From At-Risk to Excellence: Research, Theory, and Principles for Practice

From Spanish to English: Reading and Writing for English Language Learners Kindergarten Through Third Grade



A Guide to Culture in the Classroom (free PDF)

Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education, Second Edition


The Haitians: Their History and Culture

Handbook of Heritage, Community, and Native American Languages in the United States: Research, Policy, and Educational Practice

Helping English Learners Succeed: An Overview of the SIOP Model (video)

Helping Newcomer Students Succeed in Secondary Schools and Beyond (PDF)

Heritage Language Education: A New Field Emerging

Heritage Languages in America: Preserving a National Resource (PDF)

The Hmong: An Introduction to Their History and Culture

Hoi Toide on the Outer Banks: The Story of the Okracoke Brogue

Hot Topics in ELL Education series

How to Integrate Language and Content Instruction: A Training Manual


Immersion Education: Practices, Policies, Possibilities

Impact of Two-Way Bilingual Elementary Programs on Students' Attitudes Toward School and College

Implementing Educational Language Policy in Arizona: Legal, Historical and Current Practices in SEI

Implementing Two-Way Immersion Programs in Secondary Schools

Improving Education for English Learners: Research-Based Approaches

An Insider's Guide to SIOP Coaching

Into,Through, and Beyond Secondary School: Critical Transitions for Immigrant Youths

Instructional Conversations: Understanding Through Discussion (video)

Integrating Language and Content in Secondary School: Instructional Strategies and Thematic Units

Integrating Language and Culture in the Social Studies: Teacher Training Packet

The Iraqi Kurds: Their History and Culture

The Iraqis: Their History and Culture


Julene Kendell Case (CD-Rom)


The Kunama


Language by Video: An Overview of Foreign Language Instructional Videos for Children

Language Diversity, School Learning, and Closing Achievement Gaps: A Workshop Summary

Leading for Diversity: How School Leaders Can Improve Interethnic Relations

Learners Lives as Curriculum: Six Journeys to Immigrant Literacy

Learning to Read Across Languages: Cross-Linguistic Relationships in First-and-Second-Language Literacy Development

Learning to Work in a New Land

Learning Together: Two-Way Bilingual Immersion Programs (video)

Lessons Learned: Model Early Foreign Language Programs

The Liberians: An Introduction to Their History and Culture

Linguistic Landscape in the City

Linguistic Reporter Collection

Listening and Speaking: Oral Language and Vocabulary Development for English Language Learners

Literacy and Language Diversity in the United States

Literacy, Work, and Education Reform

Lucia Villarreal Case (CD-Rom)


Making Content Comprehensible for Elementary English Learners: The SIOP® Model

Making Content Comprehensible for English Learners: The SIOP® Model - 4th Edition

Making Content Comprehensible for Secondary English Learners: The SIOP® Model

Making Meaning, Making Change

Mara Mills Case (CD-Rom)

Math and Science: Skills and Strategies to Adapt Instruction for English Language Learners

Meeting the Challenge of Teaching Linguistically Diverse Students (video series)

The Meskhetian Turks: An Introduction to their History, Culture and Resettlement Experiences

Mountain Talk: A Journey to the Heart of Appalachia (video)

Multimedia Rater Training Program - Spanish, French, and German

Muslim Refugees in the United States: A Guide for Service Providers


National Study of School Effectiveness for Language Minority Students' Long-Term Academic Achievement

Native Language Literacy Instruction for Adults: Patterns, Issues, and Promises

New Concepts for New Challenges: Professional Development for Teachers of Immigrant Youth

A New Day: Refugee Families in the United States (video)


Ocracoke Speaks: The Distinct Sounds of the ‘Hoi Toide’ Brogue (audio)


Pathways to Multilingualism: Evolving Perspectives on Immersion Education

Pedagogy Matters: Standards for Effective Teacher Practice

Pedagogy: Research and Practice

Personalizing Culture Through Anthropological and Educational Perspectives

Phrase Books (free PDFs)

Practitioner Toolkit: Working With Adult English Language Learners

Preparing for Success: A Guide to Teaching Adult English Language Learners

Proceedings of the First National Conference for Educators of Newcomer Students

Professional Development for Bilingual and ESL Paraprofessionals: The Aspire Curriculum

Profile of Effective Teaching in a Multilingual Classroom

Profile of Effective Two-Way Bilingual Teaching: Sixth Grade

Profiles in Two-Way Immersion Education

Program Alternatives for Linguistically Diverse Students

Protest and the American Revolution


The Queen Family: Appalachian Tradition and Back Porch Music (video and audio)


Reading and Adult English Language Learners: A Review of the Research

Realizing the Vision of Two-Way Immersion: Fostering Effective Programs and Classrooms

Redesigning English-Medium Classrooms: Using Research to Enhance English Learner Achievement

Reflective Writing: A Way to Lifelong Teacher Learning (free PDF)

Refugees Families & Refugee Youth Videos and Companion Facilitator's Guide

Refugees from Burma: Their Backgrounds and Refugee Experiences

Refugees from Iraq

Review of Research on Educational Resilience

The Road Less Traveled: Three Films by the NC Language and Life Project (video)

Role of Classroom Assessment in Teaching and Learning


Scaling Up School Restructuring in Multicultural, Multilingual Contexts

Second Language Acquisition Case (CD-Rom)

Second Language Literacy Case (CD-Rom)

Secondary School Newcomer Programs in the United States

Sheri Galarza Pre-School Case (CD-Rom)

SIOP in Action: Instructional Videos Featuring Complete SIOP Lessons at Three Grade Levels (video and guide)

SIOP Model Digest Series

The SIOP® Model for Administrators

SIOP Model: Sheltered Instruction for Academic Achievement (video)

Sociolinguistic Variation: Theories, Methods and Applications

The Somali Bantu: Their History and Culture

The Somalis: Their History and Culture

SOPI Test Development Handbook

Spanish Voices: Spanish and English in the Southeastern United States (video)

Studies in Native American Education: Improving Education for Zuni Children

Successful Transition into Mainstream English: Effective Strategies for Studying Literature

Sustaining Linguistic Diversity: Endangered and Minority Languages and Language Varieties


Teaching Alive for the 21st Century in Elementary Settings (CD-Rom)

Teaching Vocabulary to English Language Learners

This Side of the River: Self-determination and Survival in the Oldest Black Town in America (video)

Through the Golden Door: Educational Approaches for Immigrant Adolescents With Limited Schooling

Two-Way Immersion 101: Designing and Implementing a Two-Way Immersion Education Program at the Elementary School Level

Two-Way Immersion (TWI) Package


An Unclouded Day: Stories and Songs from Southern Appalachia (audio)

Using the SIOP Model: Professional Development Manual for Sheltered Instruction

Using the SIOP Model with Pre-K and Kindergarten English Learners


Vocational Classroom: A Great Place to Learn English

Voices of North Carolina: Language, Dialect, and Identity in the Tarheel State (video)


Ways With Words: Language, Life, and Work in Communities and Classrooms

Welcome to the United States: A Guidebook for Refugees

Welcome to the United States: Refugee Orientation Videos/DVDs

What's Different About Teaching Reading to Students Learning English?

What Teachers Need to Know About Language

Why, How, and When Should My Child Learn a Second Language?

Why Reading Is Hard

Why Start and Maintain an SNS Program?

Words at Work and Play: Three Decades in Family and Community Life

Words Were All We Had: Becoming Biliterate Against the Odds

Working Together to Build a Multilingual Society

Workplace ESL Instruction: Interviews From the Field

Writing Our Lives: Reflections on Dialogue Journal Writing With Adults Learning English

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