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Educating ELLs Cover ImageReflective Writing:
A Way to Lifelong Teacher Learning

Edited by Jill Burton, Phil Quirke,
Carla L. Reichmann, and Joy Kreeft Peyton

Published by
TESL-EJ Publications

Teachers often work in isolation, working in classes, programs, and regions and within content areas. Teachers are also very busy and often don't have time to spend on reflection on their work, alone or with others.

This online book talks about the value of reflective writing for understanding and improving practice and of connecting with other practitioners both locally and around the world. The teachers who write reflectively in this book are language learners, teachers of English and other languages, teacher educators, and higher education teachers and most of these contributors use reflective writing as a class resource as well as a support for their own professional development. As practicing teachers, they represent the world of TESOL in Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and North and South America.

The chapters comprise case analyses of teacher learning, and contexts include formal teacher education, such as short courses and graduate programs. The chapters also document professional in-service communities, informal teacher groups, pairs of teachers reflecting together, and individual teachers reflecting on practice at points in their lives, or integrating it into their daily practice.

This book can serve as a valuable resource for teachers or anyone interested in writing reflectively about practice as a professional development tool or a lifelong learning process.


Download a free PDF of this publication. pdf symbol (3.64 MB)