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Connecting Diverse Cultures: A Video Guide for A New Day and Be Who You Are

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Developed as a companion to the DVD Refugee Families and Youth in the United States, this practical and informative guide incorporates segments of the video into a selection of engaging activities.
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Refugee Families & Refugee Youth Videos: A New Day; Be Who You Are

Published by the Cultural Orientation Resource Center

The two videos, combined on one DVD or VHS videotape, were created by the Cultural Orientation Resource Center to assist refugees and refugee service providers in learning about the adjustment of refugee families and youth to their new lives in the United States. Featuring vignettes of the experiences of actual refugee families and youth, topics include family adjustment, discipline, school and home life, and learning English. While the focus of the video is on refugees, we have found that the video and guide work equally well in schools settings where educators seek to foster a greater understanding of cultural diversity with their students and in programs working with adult language learners.

Connecting Diverse Culture videoWatch a clip from the video.Connecting Diverse Culture video

Topics include:

  • Family adjustment
  • Discipline
  • School life
  • Home life
  • Learning English

Orientation Videos, English Version
Runtimes: A New Day: Refugee Families in the United States: 24 min.
Be Who You Are: Refugee Youth in the United States: 9 min.
Funded by: U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration.

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Order the video and guide together and save.