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From Spanish to EnglishFrom Spanish to English

Reading and Writing for English Language Learners Kindergarten Through Third Grade

By Diane August with Martha Vockley

Illustrated by Garin Baker

English language learners vary in their schooling and the opportunities they have had to develop high-level language and literacy skills, even in their home language. With the appropriate instruction, these students can meet rigorous literacy standards in English; however, there is little guidance available to teachers on how to help students reach this goal. From Spanish to English is designed to ease the challenge of teaching English language learners in Grades K–3 to read and write well in English by providing real-life examples, analyses, and instructional strategies. Using the reading performances and writing samples of five Spanish-speaking children (available on the CD-ROM), the book demonstrates how the students  are progressing and gives suggestions for what teachers can do to provide the necessary extra instruction and practice for students to become competent readers and writers of English.

"This book is an invaluable resource to educators pondering ways to make their programs more effective for Spanish-speaking English language learners. It is very concise in its approach to 'what works' with this population of students. I would recommend it highly to teachers, principals, and curriculum directors looking for good resources to direct their work toward helping these students meet high English language and literacy standards."

Ray Myrtle, Principal
Highland Elementary School
Silver Spring, MD

Note: In the four years since Principal Ray Myrtle took over Highland Elementary School, the school moved from the brink of state takeover to performance levels in the top ten percent of all schools in Maryland. Learn more.

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