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SIOP Model Professional Development Projects

The CAL SIOP team works with schools and districts to create comprehensive professional development plans that meet their needs. In the past school year, we have worked with over 40 districts across the United States and Canada.

Here are examples of selected projects that illustrate the range of possible professional development activities.

Berkeley County Schools, WV
2011- 2013
CAL provided a five-day SIOP Model workshop series to introduce teachers to the SIOP Model in the 2011-2012 school year. Administrators also attended a half-day workshop devoted to introducing administrators to the fundamentals of the second language acquisition process and the SIOP Model. During the 2012-2013 school year CAL offered lesson design workshops to provide additional support to teachers as they implemented the SIOP Model in their classrooms. These sessions included a wide range of hands-on activities including: SIOP unit planning, lesson study (e.g., teachers bring a lesson to share with team, get input from colleagues, teach it, and then come back to reflect on how it went), review of sample SIOP Model lessons or videos, and creating a bank of content and language objectives for upcoming units.

Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School, Washington DC
For this charter school, CAL provided a four-day introductory SIOP Model workshop for instructors of work force development classes (computer support specialists, nursing aids, and culinary arts) and other classes where instructors must integrate language and content instruction for their English learners. In addition to teacher workshops, CAL also conducted SIOP observations to measure the efficacy of the professional development and help the administrative team determine professional development next steps. In the 2012-2013 school year CAL provided a two-day Review and Renew workshop with an emphasis on guided lesson planning in the SIOP Model for instructors of adults. Learn more about this professional development plan and its outcomes.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, NC
CAL has developed an extensive professional development series for this district, including SIOP workshops for Pre-K, elementary and secondary teachers new to the model, Review and Renew workshops tailored to specific grade levels (elementary vs. secondary) and content area workshops (Math and Science, Social Studies, English Language Arts), professional development for curriculum and instructional staff to use the SIOP to support the literacy demands of the Common Core State Standards, workshops on SIOP guided lesson design, and consultations for SIOP coaches and administrators. CAL has also provided a series of workshops aimed at developing site-based capacity in the form of a four-day SIOP Train the Trainers, a half-day Review and Renew workshop for administrators to assist them in measuring sheltered instruction using the SIOP Protocol, and a two-day SIOP for Teacher Leaders to help school-based teacher leaders develop professional development plans.

Danbury Public Schools, CT
In 2008 CAL SIOP staff conducted a four-day SIOP workshop series to introduce district ESL teachers to the SIOP Model and a one-day Coaching in the SIOP Model workshop to help the participants begin to build district-based capacity in SIOP professional development. During the 2009- 2012 school years CAL provided a series of 4-day SIOP introductory workshops to elementary and secondary general education teachers. CAL also provided a SIOP administrator workshop and facilitated a series of SIOP Professional Learning Communities sessions to provide high school teachers with more targeted SIOP Model instruction in their content areas.

Sugarland Elementary School, VA
CAL provided an eight-day SIOP Model professional development series to Loudoun County Public Schools from 2006-2008 that included teachers from Sugarland Elementary School. After this district training CAL provided a six-day SIOP Lesson Study workshop series to help Sugarland Elementary School deepen teachers’ knowledge base of integrating content and language instruction and help them implement the lesson study process. Follow-up the following year included a two-day Coaching in the SIOP Model and coaching consultations to help teacher leaders develop the capacity to support teacher implementation of the SIOP Model.

Community Consolidated School District 21, IL
CAL provided a series of seven-day SIOP workshops to introduce general education, bilingual, and ESL teachers to the SIOP Model. CAL has also provided a series of guided lesson design and coaching sessions to elementary school teachers and has provided after-school workshops to other teachers (e.g., physical education, computer, art) to introduce them to the basics of sheltered instruction.

Fresno Unified School District, CA
CAL provided a comprehensive professional development plan for the secondary teachers, coaches, and administrators of Fresno Unified. Read more about this plan and its outcomes.

Red Clay Consolidated School District, DE
CAL provided a five-day SIOP and Two Way SIOP introductory workshops to two elementary schools in Red Clay Consolidated School District. The professional development series began with a half-day SIOP for Administrators workshop to introduce the leadership team at each school and at the district offices to the fundamentals of SIOP and leading a SIOP school. After the five day series in the summer CAL conducted observations and led guided lesson design sessions with grade level teams informed by the collected observational data. This professional development series will conclude with a two-day SIOP and Two Way SIOP Review and Renew workshop series and follow-up observations during the 2013-2014 school year.

West Contra Costa Unified, CA
CAL provided a series of subject-area specific SIOP Model Introductory Workshops to high school teachers and has provided classroom coaching to help teachers reach higher levels of implementation. To measure the professional development’s efficacy CAL conducted a series of observations in 2011 using the SIOP Protocol and provided the district with an evaluation report that included recommendations for future professional development.

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