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Resources for those working with the growing U.S. Spanish-speaking population



Links are provided to articles of interest to educators and researchers focused on Spanish for native Spanish speakers.


Foreign Language Anxiety and Heritage Students of Spanish: A Quantitative Study
Michael Tallon, Foreign Language Annals, Spring 2009:
Vol. 42, No. 1


Founding a High School Spanish for Native Speakers Program
Belinda Sauret, Ph.D., Oakwood, Georgia


Engaging Critical Pedagogy: Spanish for Native Speakers
Jennifer Leeman, George Mason University


Humanities Connections in the Teaching of Spanish to Native Speakers
Thomas M. Adams, National Endowment for the Humanities


Spanish for K-8 Heritage Speakers: A Standards-Based Curriculum Project
Kim Potowski, The University of Illinois at Chicago and Jorge Berne, Amy Clark, and Amy Hammerand, Chicago Public Schools, Hispania, 2008, 91(1), 25-41


Spanish Language Assessments for Dual Language Programs


State of the Field: An Overview of SNS Practice in the United States


Teacher Development and National Standards for Spanish as a Heritage Language
Potowski, K. C., M. (2004). Foreign Language Annals. 37 (3).


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