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Principles to practice approach for EL success

Research-Based Professional Development for Teachers of English Learners

It is critical that teachers of English learners (ELs) gain the knowledge and skills needed to effectively teach English language skills and academic content.  CAL’s professional development sessions provide teachers with the conceptual knowledge and diverse learning strategies needed to help ELs succeed in school. Offering both Direct Strategies and Training of Trainers workshops and institutes, CAL Solutions’ professional development is designed and taught by experts in the field of English learning. 

Teacher Collaboration to Ensure EL Learning

Collaboration among educators is needed if ELs are to excel in school. As a result, professional development is targeted not only for English as a second language teachers and specialists, but also for classroom and content-area teachers, bilingual teachers, reading teachers and specialists, and school administrators.

Strategic and Practical Support

Our services are based on our solid understanding that effective professional development for teachers of ELs at the elementary level differs from training for ELs at the secondary levels, and that effective professional development is different for teachers of different content areas. 

Based on our extensive experience in helping educators work effectively with English learners, CAL Solutions takes the following into account when designing professional development for teachers of ELs:

  • English language proficiency levels

  • Native language proficiency

  • Grade levels

  • Content areas

  • ELs with limited formal previous education or interrupted schooling

  • Long-term ELs

CAL will support your teacher education programs using a variety of CAL-developed professional development materials. Learn more.

Multiple Support Options

  • Tailored to your specific needs and scheduling parameters

  • Face-to-face and online options

  • Training of trainers, in-service workshops and institutes, graduate-level courses

  • Mentoring and coaching support, classroom observations and consultations

  • Development of Professional Learning Communities and study groups

  • Support for inquiry-based staff development

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CAL workshops can be tailored to meet your needs and budget.

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