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Research-Based Vocabulary Instruction for English Learners Grades K-12

Learn research-based strategies and classroom-tested techniques for improving the vocabulary skills of English learners

This institute is designed to increase understanding and provide practical resources regarding vocabulary instruction for educators working with English learners in their classrooms and schools. The institute will focus on techniques to foster the vocabulary acquisition needed to meet the Common Core State Standards.

The institute is designed for classroom teachers in elementary, middle and high schools (Grades K-12). Other educators (including ESL, reading and other school specialists who work with classroom teachers, and school administrators) will also find value in this professional development opportunity. Collaborative teaching teams are especially encouraged to attend.

The institute focuses on four key research-based components that comprise strategic vocabulary instruction for English learners:

  • Strategic instruction of high-utility vocabulary

  • A motivating learning environment that is rich in words

  • Promoting students' independent word-learning skills

  • Assessment techniques that inform strategic vocabulary instruction

The institute will address how research-based techniques for vocabulary instruction can be incorporated into learning activities in ESL, reading and general education classes at the elementary, middle and high school levels. Methods for identifying and teaching high frequency, high-utility academic vocabulary will be demonstrated and then participants will be guided in developing classroom activities for introducing words with pictures and teaching words in the context of reading and literacy activities.

Participants will have the opportunity to construct activities aimed at reinforcing student vocabulary knowledge through engaging, multi-modal activities and assessment activities that can inform classroom vocabulary and literacy instruction.

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