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Learn more about the new VIAS project.

Developing Reading and Writing in Second-Language Learners

Developing Reading and Writing in Second-Language Learners
Learn more about this accessible summary of the full report from the National Literacy Panel on Language-Minority Children and Youth.

Resource Corner

Literacy Education

CAL conducts projects and provides resources for literacy education for learners of every age. Several research projects focus solely on the acquisition of literacy. In other projects, literacy education is one of several focal areas. We invite you to browse the projects listed below for more information.

Project Highlights

CAL is involved in a variety of projects related to literacy education. We have highlighted current and recent projects here for your review.

Vocabulary Instruction and Assessment for Spanish Speakers (VIAS)
CAL received a second 5-year grant to continue to study the development of literacy in Spanish-speaking English language learners (ELLs). Learn more.

Acquiring Literacy in English
CAL conducted a 5-year research program consisting of several studies on the acquisition of literacy by Spanish-speaking children in grades PreK–5. Several published articles report on study results. Learn more.

Project SAILL LogoProject SAILL: Success Through Academic Interventions in Language & Literacy
CAL supported the development, implementation, and evaluation of research-based models for two major approaches to the education of English language learners—structured English immersion and transitional bilingual education—to determine the impact of the different program models on the performance of Spanish-speaking English language learners in Grades K–3. Learn more.

National Literacy Panel on Language Minority Children and Youth
The National Literacy Panel reviewed and synthesized over 20 years of research literature on the acquisition of literacy by language minority learners. Learn more about the National Literacy Panel.

Adolescent ELL Literacy Policy
CAL convened a panel of researchers on ELL adolescent literacy issues and has prepared a policy document on promising practices entitled Double the Work: Challenges and Solutions to Acquiring Language and Academic Literacy for Adolescent English Language Learners. Learn more about CAL's work on this project.

Now Available
Searchable Database of Studies Included in the Report of the National Literacy Panel

The 2006 National Literacy Panel report includes a CD containing a searchable database with information on the documents on which the report is based. A simpler version of the database is now available online.

View CAL's current and recent projects.

Publications and Resources

CAL offers publications and other resources for educators, researchers, and others interested in literacy education. Browse our collection.

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Working with Adult English Language Learners with Limited Literacy: Research, Practice, and Professional Development