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Introducing the next generation of the SOPI. Learn more.

Adult English Proficiency Assessments

Learn about our English proficiency assessments for adults.


CAL is working with the WIDA Consortium to develop ONPAR, a computer-based test of science and math for beginning English language learners. Learn more.

Resource Corner

Testing / Assessment

Online Course on Assessment Basics

This course provides world language instructors with an understanding of the fundamentals of assessment.

The course lasts five weeks and includes five units that require 2 hours each. Unit 1 focuses on an introduction to assessment, including an explanation of different types of assessments and the specific uses for each. Units 2 through 5 discuss in detail the four principles of effective assessment--validity, reliability, practicality, and impact--and provide specific examples of how each applies to real classroom assessment situations.

Registration for the February 2014 course is closed. Please check back for updates on future courses.

Featured Resources

Foreign Language Assessment Directory (FLAD)
The FLAD is a free, searchable directory of information on nearly 200 tests in over 90 languages. Search the directory.

FLAD Companion Tutorial
CAL has developed an online tutorial, Understanding Assessment, designed to act as a companion piece to the FLAD, helping educators choose the most appropriate test for their needs. View this new resource.

Assessment Training Online (ATOL)
CAL has developed an online training course that teaches participants about oral proficiency assessment for students learning foreign languages at the secondary, post-secondary, and professional levels. It also serves as an introduction to CAL's SOPI and COPI assessments. Learn more about ATOL.

Testing Products

CAL provides a variety of additional products and services to meet assessment needs. Learn more.

Several of our newest language testing products are outlined below:

COPI LogoCOPI - the next generation of the SOPI
Now available in Arabic and Spanish, the Computerized Oral Proficiency Instrument (COPI) is a computer-based, semi-adaptive test of Arabic and Spanish oral proficiency. Learn more.

MRTP logoMultimedia Rater Training Program (MRTP)
The MRTP is a computer-assisted professional development tool that teaches professionals to rate oral proficiency through authentic language samples from the Simulated Oral Proficiency Interview (SOPI). Learn more.

CAL Digests

Download our newest assessment digests:

Effects of Instructional Hours and Intensity of Instruction on NRS Level Gain in Listening and Speaking
This digest reports on a study examining the relationship between the number of ESL instructional hours and intensity of ESL instruction with the progress of adult English language learners in listening and speaking in English, as measured by the oral proficiency assessment BEST Plus.

Oral Proficiency Assessment: The Use of Technology in Test Development and Rater Training.
Since 1986, CAL has investigated and initiated a number of approaches to oral proficiency assessment that rely on semi-direct measures and new technologies. This digest describes ways to use technology to improve test development and administration and to improve the training of raters.