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Effects of Instructional Hours and Intensity of Instruction on NRS Level Gain in Listening and Speaking


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Adult ESL Assessment


BEST Plus is a flexible, reliable oral proficiency assessment for adult English language learners that draws on CAL’s decades of experience in test development and in working with adult ESL programs. A face-to-face oral interview, BEST Plus measures performance over the full range of proficiency levels represented in adult education programs. The examinee’s ability to communicate in English is assessed through questions tied to authentic situations that arise in daily life in the United States.

Choose from the computer or print versions for greater flexibility

BEST Plus is designed to be given by trained test administrators, who can choose either the computer-adaptive or print-based version based on their program’s needs. When administered by computer, the test adapts to individual examinees based on the answers they give. The semi-adaptive, print-based version is available in three parallel forms. Informative score reports can be generated for both the computer and print versions using the BEST Plus software. View a demonstration video of BEST Plus.

BEST Plus Test Administrator Training Workshops

BEST Plus begins with training. To ensure the accurate use and scoring of BEST Plus, all test administrators are required to attend a 6-hour workshop conducted by a certified BEST Plus trainer.

CAL is committed to working with you to meet your program’s training needs. We can provide information about various training options, facilitate contact with local trainers where available, and work with you to help determine the number of test administrators your program needs. We invite you to visit our Web site for more information about all the training options available or to contact us with any questions you may have.

For more information, visit the BEST Plus Web site or contact us.

Call: 1-866-845-BEST (2378)

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