Telling Time as an Everyday Use of Numbers (Phase I)

Hiroko Darnall, Thomas Dooley School, Schaumburg, IL


Program Background Unit Plan Lesson Plan Teaching the Lesson


Thomas Dooley School Program Features

Program Model: 50/50

Languages: Japanese and English

Language of Initial Literacy Instruction: All students are taught in the partner language and English simultaneously


Student Background Within the Dual Language Program

Linguistic Profile: 41% percent of students are native English speakers, 46% are native Japanese speakers, 4% are native speakers of another language, and 9% speak both Japanese and English at home.

Ethnic Profile: About half of the students (46%) are of Japanese origin. Other groups are white (32%), African Americans (9%), students of mixed Japanese/other parentage (9%), and Chinese (4%).

Percent of students in the program qualifying for free/reduced price lunch: 0%