Library Curriculum: What Would a Wonderful Library Be Like?

Berky Lugo-Salcedo, The Cypress Hills Community School (PS 89), Brooklyn, NY


Program Background Unit Plan Lesson Plan Teaching the Lesson Sample Student Work


Cypress Hills Program Features

Program Model: 50/50

Languages: Spanish and English

Language of Initial Literacy Instruction: All students are taught in the partner language and English simultaneously


Student Background Within the Dual Language

Linguistic Profile: Of 246 students enrolled in 2004, roughly one third spoke predominantly English at home, one third spoke predominantly Spanish, and one third spoke both languages.

Ethnic Profile: Most students (71%) are Latino, with families from the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, and other Latin American and Caribbean countries. African American students, many with family ties to the English-speaking Caribbean, account for 27% of the student body. Asian and White students make up the remaining 2%.

Percent of students in the program qualifying for free/reduced price lunch: 85.4%