Research on the literacy and language development
of Spanish-speaking English language learners

Researcher-Developed Assessments

As part of the work of the VIAS initiative, various assessment instruments suited to the purposes of each research project or subproject were developed.

VIAS Subproject Researcher-developed Instruments
Subproject 1
  • On to College! / ¡Camino a la Universidad! Parent Guide
Subproject 2
  • Kindergarten Language Study (KLS) English and Spanish Intervention Book List
  • Kindergarten Language Study (KLS) Model Teacher Lesson Plan
  • Kindergarten Language Study (KLS) Family Workshop Session
Subproject 3
  • Acquisition of Vocabulary in English Vocabulary Assessment (AVEVA)
  • AVE Curriculum Sample Unit
Subproject 4 Enhancing Vocabulary through Cognate Awareness (EVOCA)
Research Core
  • Word Associations Test of Academic Vocabulary in English (WATAVE)
  • Test of Multiword Units
  • Test of Homonym Knowledge
  • Teacher Knowledge of Vocabulary Survey
  • Parent Questionnaire
  • Student Background Questionnaire
  • Teacher Background Questionnaire