Los Angeles Unified School District English Learner Master Plan 2018

CAL is partnering with the Multilingual and Multicultural Education Department (MMED) of Los Angeles Unified School District (L.A. Unified) to collaborate on a new English Learner Master Plan for the district.

CAL will collaborate with MMED, district staff, and various stakeholder committees made up of parents, teachers, students, administrative and counseling staff, community partners, and labor partners to gather feedback and facilitate evidence- and research-based discussions. CAL will collect data, including student outcomes data, and provide analysis of current instructional program offerings. Working with MMED and input from the stakeholders, CAL will create and refine the L.A. Unified English Learner Master Plan 2018. The English Learner Master Plan will guide and provide a roadmap for L.A. Unified leaders, teachers, staff and community partners to provide the most effective programs, services, practices and policies so that all English Learners and Standard English Learners succeed and thrive.

The project is led by Dr. Sarah C. K. Moore, with support from CAL staff members Lindsey Massoud, Joanna Duggan, and Chris Frederick. CAL has also partnered with two women-owned small businesses, Engage Language and SupportEd to complete work on the project. Dr. Erin Haynes of Engage Language will lead data collection and analysis efforts. Dr. Diane Staehr Fenner, Dr. Joanne Urrutia, and Teddi Predaris of SupportEd will serve as senior English Language Development Experts, facilitating meetings with certain stakeholder committees and lending guidance and expertise to the project.