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The Psychometrics/Research (P/R) team is responsible for all psychometric analyses of ACCESS for ELLs® and other preK-12 ELL tests. The P/R team carries out annual equating, participates in the analysis of the field test forms, and produces a comprehensive annual technical report. In addition, the P/R team meets twice a year with a technical advisory committee to report on a variety of psychometric issues and receive expert guidance.

The P/R team also works closely with test developers during the development process of all tests, including MODEL, Alternate ACCESS, and PODER. The P/R team helps inform test specifications, participates in the design and analysis of field tests, and helps conduct standard setting studies. In addition, the P/R team produces reports detailing the development and psychometric properties of the tests.

To carry out its work, the P/R team consists of psychometricians, quantitative analysts, and content-area experts. In addition, we take on PhD candidates from top measurement programs across the country annually as summer interns. These interns carry out special projects assigned to them, and help us keep abreast in cutting edge issues in psychometrics.

The work of the P/R team is crucial in developing high-quality tests and ensuring their continuing success.

David MacGregor, PhD
Director, Psychometrics/Research Activities