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Test Production

CAL's Production Team is responsible for the layout and design of printed test materials, as well as storyboarding and animating of test materials for digital environments. We oversee the creation of hundreds of graphics for placement in the tests. We practice rigorous quality control to ensure on- time delivery of high quality images and the development of layouts and images per specifications, and maintain up-to-date graphic storage and tracking systems.

The Production Team liaises between the Test Development Team and external artists for the development of visual content for test items. We oversee the creation of original images by these artists, ensuring that these illustrations conform to Test Development’s requirements. We also purchase digital photographs for use in test items. Our team of talented illustrators and graphic designers creates charts, diagrams, graphs, illustrations, and crops in-house. Many of the inked line drawings requisitioned from outside artists are colored in-house before they are placed in tests.

The Production team also creates and updates style guides for visual elements of the test. This year, the Production Team’s Flash developers and graphic designers are working closely with members of the Test Development and the Technical teams to transition paper-based test materials to computerized versions.

The Production team continues to produce paper versions of test materials, while assuming responsibilities related to the transition to computerized test delivery. The Production Team is led by the Test Production Team Manager, who ensures adherence to timelines for layout and graphics ordering, editing, and coloring tasks, serves as the main liaison to the Test Development Manager, manages all procedures related to graphics and layout, and reviews the work of the team.

Jennifer Norton, EdD
Director for Test Development