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Test Program Management

The Test Program Management capabilities at the Center for Applied Linguistics help create synergy between projects and bring effectiveness to all processes involved in the development of PreK-12 ELL assessments.

Our expertise in Project Management enables us to manage the workflow for all teams and processes involved in our assessment activities. We create and monitor timelines, coordinate day-to-day operations, and ensure communication not only across the various projects and teams within the Center for Applied Linguistics, but also with our strategic project partners.

Another area of expertise is Quality Control; we create, maintain, and ensure adherence to policies and procedures for quality control throughout the entire project, and by all teams throughout all of their activities in the test development process. This means that every activity and process has a rationale behind it and a clear implementation path, which is monitored by designated employees using a sign-off system. Our goal is to adhere to best operational practices for large-scale assessment programs.

Maintaining Test Security is also essential in order to maintain the validity and fairness of our assessments, as well as the quality of our assessment operations. It is our ongoing responsibility to protect test security in order to ensure that all assessments remain valid and reliable, providing accurate and informative results to all stakeholders involved. We place extra emphasis on raising awareness of test security for CAL staff, while motivating and supporting staff so that they are able to inherently adopt test security practices as part of the foundation of their work. Maintaining test security is a collaborative, team effort, in which everyone proudly takes part.

We take care to nurture and sustain strategic partnerships in order to enhance the quality of our work, and we pride ourselves on our ability to collaborate with partners to create high-quality products and provide essential services.

Anna Todorova
Director of Operations for CAL/WIDA Partnership Activities