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Test Administration and Training Materials

At the Center for Applied Linguistics we produce test administration and training materials for each preK-12 ELL test series that is developed. These materials include a Test Administration Manual, sample items, and other related support materials. We work closely with the Test Development team to ensure that the test administration materials are accurate and up-to-date, and provide test administrators with clear instructions for administering our tests.

To do this effectively, we communicate and collaborate with our project partners to update our training materials and revise manuals, to ensure that all materials are user-friendly for both experienced and novice test administrators. Test administration training materials need to provide test administrators with an understanding of the test to be administered, as well as all the procedures involved in test administration. Our goal is to draft clear and comprehensible instructions, so that the test administrators are able to effectively administer each test, which also ensures greater standardization and reliability in the administration and scoring of the tests.

Additionally, with the creation of each new test series, we develop a corresponding set of training materials and test administration materials, and provide interactive training sessions for new test administrators. These training sessions provide an engaging introduction to the test, as well as a thorough overview of test administration procedures. Test administrators are able to engage with the test and ask questions, as well as practice administering the test and receive immediate feedback. We believe our clients are best served when test administrators leave the trainings confident in their ability to administer each test.

With the suite of services offered, we ensure that all test administrators have the background knowledge and experience required to confidently administer each test, as well as the resources available to them to refresh their test administration skills, or learn about new developments in test administration.

Tatyana Vdovina
Test Administrator Training Coordinator