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The WIDA State Dashboard

The latest component within the framework of the WIDA Data Warehouse, the WIDA State Dashboard is used by WIDA researchers, staff members, and WIDA Consortium member state educational agencies to view aggregated analytical information.

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CAL Spotlight

CAL worked as a partner in the Center for Research on the Educational Achievement and Teaching of English Language Learners (CREATE) project, which focused on addressing the challenges of educating English learners in the middle grades (4-8). CREATE conducted a program of research designed to develop language and literacy skills while building grade level skills across the content areas. Free downloadable briefs are available on the project website.

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For both the WIDA Consortium and the Center for Applied Linguistics, research is a critical element within all our activities, making available the data needed to inform our actions and recommendations around instructional practice, assessment, teacher development, and educational policy.

Both WIDA and CAL have a strong research culture and we have provided an overview below with links to web pages that provide more details about the research-related activities of each organization. WIDA and CAL are also continuing to explore how they can collaborate to conduct research on a variety of topics that will inform future activities.


WIDA Research
The WIDA Research team focuses on a wide range of activities, including Academic Language, Standards, Professional Learning, Policy and Alignment. The team also manages the WIDA Data Warehouse initiative and its reporting framework, The WIDA State Dashboard.

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CAL Research
CAL’s long history of involvement in research includes a strong focus on instruction and assessment of English language learners, a key concern at the intersection of language and education. CAL works with partners and funders to pursue important lines of research designed to improve education of language learners and inform teacher practice.

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