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Year of Languages Radio Series
In support of the Year of Languages, the College of Charleston and the National Museum of Language have developed a series of 52 radio spots on languages and linguistics. Listen to the first 20 episodes of Talkin' About Talk or read the list of upcoming programs and dates online.

Foreign Languages in Schools Radio Series
"In the first segment of a three-part series on foreign languages in the schools, Deborah Wang spoke with Michele Anciaux Aoki, a long-time foreign language advocate and leader with the Washington State Coalition for International Education." Listen to the segment on why foreign language learning is important. (All Things Considered, KPLU Seattle/Tacoma, September 12, 2005)



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December 2005

In December, the Year of Languages focuses on the learning of culture.

The Cultural Orientation Resource (COR) Center

COR Center logoEvery year, thousands of refugees enter the United States. Increasingly, they come from more countries and more ethnicities than ever before, and meeting their resettlement needs in this context becomes more complex. Since 1975, CAL has been a leader in refugee education and orientation. While the languages, titles, and media may have changed, the objectives remain the same:

To increase the capacity of overseas and U.S. refugee service providers to orient refugees to their new American communities, and to inform U.S. communities about refugee orientation.

The COR Center at CAL works closely with the U.S. government, international organizations, refugee resettlement agencies in the United States, and their representatives overseas to:

  • Develop and distribute resources about refugee training and resettlement;

  • Provide technical assistance regarding refugees’ native cultures, languages, and orientation needs; and

  • Develop a globally linked network of U.S. refugee service providers that exchanges refugee orientation information, concerns, and best practices.

Culture Profiles

Culture Profiles are designed for service providers and individuals assisting newcomers to the United States. They contain a basic introduction to the people, history, and culture of different refugee groups. CAL will provide the first print copy free of charge to resettlement agencies. Additional copies can be downloaded here. Printed copies are available for sale through the CAL Store.

Muslim Refugees book coverMuslim Refugees in the United States: A Guide for Service Providers is a basic introduction to the worldview of Muslim peoples as manifested in their religion and culture. Topics covered include an overview of the fundamental tenets of Islam, necessary conditions for successful resettlement, special considerations when working with Muslim men, women, children, and elderly, as well as a list of resources for both refugees and service providers.

The Hmong book coverThe Hmong: An Introduction to Their History and Culture is a valuable resource for service providers, educators, employers and others interested in learning more about the Hmong. Based on current research as well as wisdom gained from resettlement of the first groups of Hmong refugees, the profile includes general information about the Hmong people, their history, their lives in Laos and Thailand, literacy and education issues, resettlement matters, and information about Hmong languages, including a list of common words, phrases, and sayings.

Liberians book coverLiberians: An Introduction to Their History and Culture provides general information about the Liberian people and their history. Topics covered include Life in Liberia, Liberian refugees in West Africa, language, and resettlement in the United States as well as recommended reading.


Other culture profiles include:

The Afghans
The Bosnians
The Haitians
The Iraqis
The Iraqi Kurds
The Montagnards
The Somalis
The Somali Bantu

Coming soon: Culture profiles on the Burmese and the Meskhetian Turks.

Visit the Refugee Resources area of the CAL store to browse our complete collection of publications. To learn more about the Cultural Orientation Resource Center, visit our Web site at

CAL Digests

CAL also offers digests on the topic of culture. You can find these and other CAL digests here.

Cultural Diversity and Language Socialization in the Early Years
Eunjin Park, New York University & Kendall King, Georgetown University, December 2003

Culture in Second Language Teaching
Elizabeth Peterson and Bronwyn Coltrane, Center for Applied Linguistics, December 2003

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