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Year of Languages Radio Series
In support of the Year of Languages, the College of Charleston and the National Museum of Language have developed a series of 52 radio spots on languages and linguistics. Listen to the first 20 episodes of Talkin' About Talk or read the list of upcoming programs and dates online.

Foreign Languages in Schools Radio Series
"In the first segment of a three-part series on foreign languages in the schools, Deborah Wang spoke with Michele Anciaux Aoki, a long-time foreign language advocate and leader with the Washington State Coalition for International Education." Listen to the segment on why foreign language learning is important. (All Things Considered, KPLU Seattle/Tacoma, September 12, 2005)



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November 2005

In November, the Year of Languages focuses on celebrating accomplishments and looking ahead.  In reflecting on the achievements of the past year, we invite you to peruse CAL's related activities by monthly focus following the links below. In collaboration with the entire language education community, CAL aims to build on these achievements and continue to focus attention on increasing public awareness of the value of languages in our society.

January: Language Policy

February: International Engagement

March: Connecting Languages to Other Areas

April: Higher Education

May: Language Advocacy

June: Adult Language Learning & Use 

July: Languages and Communities

August: Parents

September: Heritage Languages

October: Early Language Learning

The culmination of 2005: The Year of Languages at the ACTFL Annual Convention this month was a tremendous success.  Ken Stewart, Teacher of Spanish at Chapel Hill High School in Chapel Hill, NC was named the first National Language Teacher of the Year. The National Language Teacher of the Year recognizes a foreign language teacher at the K–12 level who exhibits excellence in classroom language teaching. Additionally, ACTFL's Discover Languages initiative was launched. Building on the momentum of 2005: The Year of Languages celebrating the value of language learning, Discover Languages is a sustained campaign designed to heighten public awareness of the critical importance of language education and proficiency in the United States.


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