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CAL supports 2005: The Year of Languages in the United States

Join the year-long celebration of the power of language learning.

The Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL) is a proud supporter of 2005 as the Year of Languages in the United States, a nationwide observance designed to focus attention on the critical importance of language learning.

Under the guidance of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) and its affiliated organizations, elementary, middle, and secondary schools as well as colleges and universities will observe the year with special cultural and literary events, competitions, and distribution of informational materials promoting the value of language learning.

Visit our Web site often to check out CAL's activities throughout the year and for links to other Web sites for helpful information.

Get involved and support the Year of Languages in your schools and communities. We look forward to working together with everyone involved to highlight the critical importance of developing citizens who are proficient in English as well as other languages.
















the power of language learning!

CAL Activities

Learn more about monthly activities CAL has planned in support of 2005: The Year of Languages.

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ACTFL's Year of Languages Calendar of Events (pdf)

Year of Languages Radio Series
In support of the Year of Languages, the College of Charleston and the National Museum of Language have developed a series of 52 radio spots on languages and linguistics. Listen to the first 20 episodes of Talkin' About Talk or read the list of upcoming programs and dates online.