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Communicative Strategies for Working with Adult English Language Learners

Do you feel like a dentist in your classroom, trying to pull English from closed mouths? Is teacher talk outweighing student talk in some or all of your classes?

Adult English language learners at all proficiency levels need to speak and understand spoken English in a variety of contexts. Participants explore the reasons that adult immigrants need to communicate in daily life and learn ways to integrate speaking, listening, reading, and writing lessons. As an assignment, practitioners design lessons that integrate communicative activities with learners’ life needs and goals. They then share their experiences presenting the lessons with learners in their classes. The facilitator and practitioners explore how project-based learning can help learners pursue their interests and achieve their goals while communicating, reading, and writing with other learners. The facilitator offers a variety of resources about second language acquisition, effective and fun communicative activities, and project-based learning.

Participants develop ways to enhance student communicative practices in and out of the classroom.

Expected outcomes:

  • Connect communicative needs assessment with learner motivation and instruction.
  • Design and deliver lesson plans with integrated, communicative activities for both practice and assessment.
  • Develop communicative projects that will enhance oral/aural skill development and develop cooperative learning skills.

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