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English that Works: Designing and Delivering Workforce ESL Instruction

What are the cross-cutting skills that all workers need at any job? How can I integrate workforce preparation skills into my curriculum and still teach English?

Educators working with adults learning English know the importance of preparing students to be successful in the workforce. They seek ways to ensure that foreign-born adults will develop the English proficiency they need to succeed in the workplace. Using evidence-based resources, this workshop focuses on the communication skills that are essential for employability and career advancement. For 2015, this workshop has been updated to include strategies for working effectively within the WIOA guidelines.

Participants do the following:

  • Identify the linguistic and socio-cultural skills learners need to secure, maintain, and advance in employment
  • Explore print and online resources that address these skills
  • Utilize evidence-based strategies to adapt or create activities that prepare their students for success in the workforce

Through readings, activities, and strategic planning, workshop participants learn to develop lessons that provide the language and cultural information needed for success in the U.S. workforce. As an extension activity, they try out these strategies with their students and report back to other workshop participants. They also explore ways of encouraging their students to develop and use strategies of their own for acquiring the linguistic and cultural information needed in various work environments and career pathways.

The workshop is interactive from start to finish, and participants leave with resources and tools that integrate workforce preparation with language skills development.

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Working with WIOA

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CAL Solutions helps programs work effectively within the guidelines of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).

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