Remote Testing & Training


Read CAL’s COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for BEST assessments, which include information about virtual testing and training.

BEST Plus 2.0 can be administered virtually in order to meet the needs of programs continuing services remotely. BEST Literacy is not available for remote testing.

User Support
Our BEST User Support team is committed to supporting the programs and communities we serve. Please contact us to discuss assessment and training options for your program.

Resource for Virtual Testing and Training

BEST PLUS 2.0 Virtual Administration Guidance

August 2020 Webinar
In this webinar we discuss best practices for training BEST Plus 2.0 administrators virtually using video conferencing software and BEST Plus 2.0 Software.

April 2020 Webinar

In this webinar we discuss guidance for administering BEST Plus 2.0 virtually using video conferencing software.

BEST Plus 2.0 Guidance for Virtual Training

April 2020 Webinar
In this webinar we discuss guidance for conducting BEST Plus test administrator trainings virtually. The webinar is designed for certified BEST Plus trainers.

FAQs regarding COVID-19 and BEST Products

How does COVID-19 affect the CAL Store?
As of March 31, 2020, the CAL Store will continue to accept orders with modifications to our processes:

  • We have suspended overnight and two-day shipping options for physical products.
  • CAL will fulfill physical orders once a week. Orders for digital products will continue to be fulfilled within one business day.
  • With every purchase of BEST Plus 2.0 products, digital versions of the BEST Plus 2.0 software, rubric and BEST Plus 2.0 Test Administrator Guide will be made available. Existing clients may also access them, here (contact BEST User Support at for the password).
  • For Purchase Orders or other documents, email us (; do not fax.
  • Contact the CAL Store ( or 1-800-551-3709) with questions about orders or shipping.

How does COVID-19 affect BEST User Support?
BEST User Support answers questions and provides assistance to BEST users. At this time, we are maintaining the following support for our clients:

  • Our staff is now working remotely. BEST User Support will maintain business hours Monday through Friday from 10:00am – 5:00pm Eastern Time. We will answer calls to the BEST User support line 1-866-845-BEST (2378) and respond to email ( during these hours.
  • Email or phone is the best way to reach us. If you would like to send or receive documentation, please email us; do not fax.

Can BEST Plus 2.0 be administered virtually?
Yes. To address the unique challenges of COVID-19, users may consider remotely administering BEST Plus 2.0. Note that BEST Plus 2.0 is designed as a face-to-face assessment and its use in a virtual environment has not been researched by CAL. We strongly recommend that programs try out virtual test administration internally before administering BEST Plus 2.0 virtually to students.

Contact if you are considering virtual test administration and please review our BEST Plus 2.0 Virtual Test Administration Guidance. This document describes how video conferencing software can be used to administer BEST Plus 2.0. We also provide support for implementing guidance from the Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (OCTAE) related to virtual testing.

Can BEST Literacy be administered virtually?
No. We do not recommend administering BEST Literacy virtually. BEST Literacy is a print-based reading and writing test in which students write their answers directly in a test booklet. This cannot be emulated virtually.