CAL Presentation

Creating Safe Spaces for Diverse Populations: Being Culturally Humble

March 25, 2021

Presented at: TESOL 2021 International Convention & English Language Expo
March 24 – 27, 2021

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Description: Cultural humility is the concept that we are ever learning and growing in our cultural understanding (Asbill & Waters, 2013). It is an ideal that learners of all ages should strive towards, so to be open and respectful of each other in the classroom and community. Cultural humility is unalike other culturally-based training ideals because it emphases self-humility rather than attainment of knowledge or awareness (Yeager & Bauer-Wu, 2013). This speaks to principle one, two, and six of TESOL’s six principles on the account that all learners come from different backgrounds and distinct cultures which inform their identities and communities, accepting cultural limitations as an educator is key to effective intercultural communication.

Those who practice cultural humility work to increase their self-awareness of their own biases and perceptions and engage in a life-long self-reflection process about how to put these aside and learn from other people (Tervalon & Murray-Garcia, 1998). This presentation will aid educators in building safe spaces within their classrooms and communities where culture and differences can be discussed respectfully and honestly, so learners can start engaging in their life-long self-reflecting process. All audiences are welcome.